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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 14, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> the break news happening object an island in the delta where a rare january wildfire broke out late today. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> fire burning on kimball island just north of antioch and border by solano, contra costa county and sacramento
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county. it's officially in sacramento county. very difficult for fire crew to get to. in fact the only way on to the island is by boat. coast guard evacuated 4 people another 7 left on their own. this fair started about 3:00 o'clock as a small brush fire but spread very quickly in some breezy conditions and dry conditions we were every head when 3 structured burned including a cabin. >> people live here. duck club at one time. may still be there i don't know. it's burning. >> is what on the island. >> nothing. just caben. duck blind. >> the island is not in the jurisdiction of any fire department. chopper was called in to drop world trade center and at least one coast guard boat sprayed water open the flames but this one may left to burn out on its own. we have more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 and of course on twitter at 7 news bay area. but as i said it was breezy throughout in kimball island. not extreme but enough wind to
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push some of the flame around. we ever a red flag warning tonight. 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is here with live doppler 7 hd. not something we have this time of year tiply. >> that's true. very unusual winter so far. look like it remains pattern for awhile. here's clear sky calm condition $1 million and dry and because of the dryness and other factors contributing to high fire risk we have red flag warning in effect for high fire danger have until thursday morning for the higher tehran north bay mount and east bay hill and diablo range and northern elevation there is the risk pwraws of the extreme dryness and warmth. wind covered by the red flag warning out of the north northeast gust 30 to 40 miles an hour. humidity down to 5 to 10 percent that is severely low and rapid fire is possible unthe condition. gust up to 24 miles per hour at mount tam 26
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miles per hour gust at knoxville creek. 38 miles per hour gust and you can see that this is high fire risk weather. high pressure today. record hi across the bay area. 73 at oakland museum. oakland airport 72 sfo and moffitt field and san jose. 69 livermore more record tomorrow look at the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> never before not what weather observers remember has red flag warning ever been called this early in the year. really strange. and not just the bay area that is in danger. this fire climbed through the dry brush below some hilltop homes in pacific palisade along the beach in southern california today. none of the houses was damaged. laura has more on the strapping red flag warning. >> fire crew in the hills here spent much of the day on patrol looking for any sign behavior
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or conditions that might cause a fire. on rare red flag day in the middle of january. >> part of the normal procedure during red flag is to go out and do patrol with the craw in our hillside fire station so we are actively doing those and staffed up with extra personne personnel. >> part of the prevention is the signs out in the park warning of the conditions and prohibiting open fires and barbecue. >> pretty interesting. like i said being pro active the way to be. just seems weird we have to worry about fire in the middle of january. >> in oakland there are no extra patrol due to budget cut and the failure of local measure to boost funds for fire fighting there will be wind gust of 40 miles per hour in higher elevation. >> with all the dryness and wind we have to keep vigil and be alert you know like 24-7.
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>>reporter: the conditions are so dangerous that cal fire has called back some of the seasonal personnel early. 125 of them here in the bay area. >> cal fire maintain or reopen 5 base with air support like they the during last summer mount diablo fire. the stations include hemet, ramone a-holster and chico. firefighters say the conditions in the hills rate now are more like what they normally see in september and october is at the height of the fire season. this is abc 7 news. >> we just get word of power outage in san jose. 6000 customers have lost power. it's in the area where series of arson attacks have happened. some people in the area reporting that it may related to transformer fire we run it down. pg&e on the scene making repairs. >> mean time san jose police department has announced it is taking over the hunt for
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arsonist who has set as many as 13 fires in the downtown area since last week. up until now the fire department arson squad had been handling the investigation but now sap jose police will take that issue over. >> tonight the governor office is saying that drought declaration is imminent a.lot of pressure on the governor to declare a drought. he was in fresno the other day and farmers pushing him. water levels in reservoir and rivers are nearly historic low levels. and this year snow pack too small to really make a difference. some businesses are already under mandatory water conservation effect on agriculture is tremendous. >> green and medical on not into production because they don't have the water for them particularly because what water that may available goes sustain the permanent crop otherwise they die. >> the farm bureau is working with water regulators to move water from less impacted areas
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of the drought to areas in the most need. >> go back to san jose for a moment. talk about police there investigating the city third homicide of 2014 in. happened just after 5:30 this evening and the area of loma verde drive and eden avenue. people called 911 with reports of shot fired and someone down they found a man with gunshot wound and victim pronounced dead at the scene. homicide investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. so far police say they have no suspects. >> well if you are sniffling and sneezing you may not have a cold. bay area warm winter means that you may suffering from allergy. a lot of people are. and as january thon bloom are. and as january thon bloom found out it can be tough >>reporter: just typical winter day jogging in shorts and t-shirts in the green of san francisco panhandle. a little too green perhaps.
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>> my husband and i have been having really severe allergies. lately and we are not exactly sure where it's coming from. post nasal drip. poll help allergy. >>reporter: in january. >> might start sneezing a lot and then the eyes get itchy then realize this isn't a cold i'm experiencing hay fever. >>reporter: denice runs advanced allergy solution. holistic allergy practice in san francisco. l. >> we have sneeingz and drayness. >>reporter: unusually hi pollen level the culprit hand a flood of early hay fever complaint. >> you tiply see tonight spring however because of the weather we are seeing tonight january this year. >>reporter: what does it look like. >> itchy throat. coughing because of that. my eyes have been really sensitive and tired and dry rainy nose sneezing a lot in the morning. >>reporter: some experts say this isn't a fluke. may just be the most extreme example of
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something going on for awhile. >> each year there is an increase over the past 4 years. >>reporter: this year more patients from outside the city. >> people from the east bay and from the south bay because they have been warmer down 30. left over stress from the holidays can michaeler ji worse. >> i municipal system is stressed we become more susceptible to the increased amounts of pollen in the air. >>reporter: so do this. >> drink enough water. throat coat tea all that stuff. >>reporter: and just in case. >> i have to have a tissue in my pocket. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> well from allergy to something far more serious. 2 more flu related deaths in the bay area tonight. san m te'o county added another fatality today. and solano county health officials reported first flu death vallejo man in 40's with chronic medical issues. total number of flu death for the bay area and santa cruz county now stands at 18. health officials are urging people to get vaccinated. the state is telling the
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work investigators stay home if sick. that's the message from the california department of human resources. that warning to workers goes on to say that they should stay home for 24 hours after they are fever free. and if there is an increase number of employees staying home sick manager urged to protect remaining employee by limiting face-to-face meetings. >> well more to get to here on 7 news at 9:00. death of hundreds of bird on the peninsula and why the measure that could save them could cause some additional problems. >> also more on this unusual weather we are having. tonight you are able to see that even the trees and plants are very the trees and plants are very confused >> county that is introducing >> county that is introducing music to improve the fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker.
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has enzymes to break down waste and time released bacteria to reduce tank build up. rid-x. #1 in septic maintenance. tis the one you want to be thee cleanest. but using bleach leaves some stains behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't and it also disinfects. that's healthing. >> redwood city stopped the death of hundreds of ducks. but they may have created another problem in the process. one that will affect a sense of smell for people nearby. this is at the popular man made bird watching pond at redwood shores if you are familiar with it. of vick lee has the story. >> water level slowly receding. sadly perhaps not fast enough to prevent even more birds from dying. the south bay side
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system authority hopes draining the pond will eventually stop the epidemic. >> once it dries out the bacteria will die and then we won't have the problem any more. >> so far the the disease killed more than 200 duck. local bird watcher first noticed some dead birds last month. contacted the u.s. fish wild life service. agency inspected the pond. found through test on the dead duck they died from cholera. >> best guess is for somehow a bird from the east bay or that was infected elsewhere flew in the area and passed away and contaminated the water. >>reporter: draining the pond may solve this problem but creating another one. bad smell that is going to two through the homes of nearby redwood shore. >> obviously birds have to do their duty at times and several inches of that on the bottom of the pond. >>reporter: several inches of bird droppings built up over nearly 2 decades sense the pond was created. it will be several months before the pond
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can be refilled. that's because the bacteria why needs to dry out first. any moisture would prolong the process. news of the bad odor took resident of redwood shores by surprise. >> with the fires even after a few hours it was awful here so i bet with the pond it is going to be really bad. >> i'll wear a mask. oxygen mask. >>reporter: waste water treatment plant will try to mitigate the smell as best as they can. bring in some heavy equipment. turn over the bird droppings once the pond is dry. vick lee, 7 news. >> marin county oyster farm lost another round in the legal battle to remain open. drake bay oyster company was ordered to close in 2012 by the u.s. interior department that hopes to return the property it is on to wilderness. 3 judge federal appeals court panel in san francisco refused to block the government order and today the full court voted no to the review that decision. all of
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this means the oyster farm last hope could be the u.s. supreme court. the facility continues to operate during the appeals process. the lawyers are contemplating the next move now the after set back. >> our long warm winter has created an unusual but certainly colorful phenomenon that you may have noticed. flowers popping up in january. tricked into acting like it is spring. it's nice but there is a down side to it. tl david lou nissan jose. >> landscape architect leslie dean designed the front yard but mother nature trick the plants into thinking it's spring already. flowers are months early. >> i couldn't call them confused. i would say they are just following their natural ability to grow when the weather is warm. >> they normally bloom in summer and lavender in springtime and bee are in search of pollen. what happens tender shoot if harsh winter returns. >> you might find the new growth is damaged with cold
9:17 pm
fringt because it hasn't been harden off yet for the winter season. would it normally have a growing season to harden the leaves off with some wax or just thicknesses of the leaf. >> to the south san jose middle brook walked us around her garden used for education programs by the california native garden foundation. l this is flowering. so this desert plant which normally doesn't flower for twoot to three months. change back to normal winter weather could if inflict economic damage. >> if we got a freeze it means all the flowers are going to fall off and if there's any fruit that started to set that's all going to fall off and so you get lower production and prices will renreingt it. >> that's important to cherry grower like deborah. they need to make sure the fruit tree know it's still winter so they stay dormant. >> what we are doing a lot of farmers are irrigate to go keep the soil nice and cool as it
9:18 pm
can. to ward off the heat in the daytime. l and we keep our fingers crossed. >> in sunnyvale abc 7 news. >> rose by any other name. they are popping up around her here. spencer here with the forecast. so it is lovely but so incredibly extreme on the other end now. >> that's the dilemma we have. we love the weather but it's not good for us because too dry and high fire risk drought is a serious thing. kimball island tonight. fire burning this evening. >> we have a red flag warning in effect for much of the bay area. here's live doppler 7hd dry out there. mild in some spots getting chilly in others. clear sky right now. let's move along and look what is going on. mount tam on to the bay under clear skies tonight. 58 degrees right now in san francisco. 49 in oakland. 52 redwood city. 59 at san jose. temperatures all over the place writ now 48 at half moon basement here's another live view looking at the golden gate bridge from the sutro tower cam
9:19 pm
are. nice view tonight. 41 in santa rosa. 42 napa down to 39 at petaluma. 41 fairfield. mid upper 40's at cop cord livermore and live view from our emeryville camera looking along the bay bridge west. forecast feature red flag warning in effect for the hills and mountains bay area for the next day and half or so. more record high likely the next two days. as the warm spell just holds on stubbornly and still no written in sight. dry conditions are holding on as well. satellite image shows a big powerful anchored ridge persistent ridge of high pressure blocking the yet stream well to the north and this will control our weather next several days. no pacific storm headed our way. no cool pacific area but continued flow of dry warm winds coming our way from land to sea and offshore flow that's why one of the reasons why conditions are so warm. so how dry is it. look terrain fall deficit. santa rosa, needs 16 inches of
9:20 pm
rain rate now just to get up to the normal levels this tile of the season. need 9 more inches of rain in in san francisco. other parts of the area need 5 to 8 inches of rape to reach the normal level for this time in the season and as we get later into the season it becomes less and less likely that we will reach those normal levels. overnight tonight clear skies with low pressure mainly in the low mid 40's around the basement upper 40's 50's on the coast and chilly north bay cell and 31 at santa rosa then tomorrow sunny and warm. not mild. warm. once again. in the south bay we see low mid 70's, 72 at san jose, 74 los gatos, peninsula low 70's from sap may te'o down to mountain view if it reaches 72 at mount view tomorrow that's record high for tomorrow. upper 70's. downtown san francisco to. north bay upper 60's on the coast mid 70's inland. 75 at santa rosa. 73 predicted high at napa. would
9:21 pm
be a record high for tomorrow date in nap a.low 70's in the east bay. low to mid 70's in the inland east bay up to 73 and walnut creek and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast not much change in the high pressure range into the weekend. finally on sunday just a little bit of cooling temperatures dropping off 2 or 3 degrees. not a lot. bouncing back up to the 70 degree mark on monday and continue dry with no rain in sight for foreseeable forecast future. don't see a change on the computer model beyond 7 days and detect shifts in the jet stream or shifts in the current wind pattern. >> absolutely just the. >> flat and steady dry and mild. >> too bad. it's nice but too bad. >> that's true. >> thank you spencer. >> playing ball more than jaws game. >> just ahead. having some fun while driving serious message to some bay area st
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[ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! lisa, did i tell you i'm on the... [ male announcer ] soups so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. >> 2 of the harlem globe trotter biggest stars dazzle youngsters at school in san jose today. >> how is everybody doing? everybody hear me. >>reporter: man the kids loved it when thunder law and scooter christiansen arrived with the signature red white and blue basketball. clown prince of the court showed off some of the hoops magic and brought a message about stopping bullying and the importance of being a good sport on and off the court. >> this is a topic that we feel very strongly about. it's an issue that has gone on in a lot of schools today and we are
9:26 pm
just trying to the do and don't if you are being bullied or see somebody being bullied hopefully the kid got a message today. >> globe trotters in oakland san jose from friday until sunday. if you have never seen them, you should go it's really a lot of fun. >> well marin county board of supervisors is using music to get in the mood to meet. the idea came in september after renowned sachs phone player richard howell made special appearance at one of the board meetings. this photo was courtesy of the marin county board of supervisors. board members said playing music would be a fun peaceful way to begin some of the meets. mu singtsed in performing are asked to contact the board public information officer. interesting idea. >> when we come back at 9:00. egging incident that prompted half dozen squad cars packed with detectives to converge on singer justin bieber's house. >> tesla recalls product that could trigger a fire but it's not one of the electric cars.
9:27 pm
i have the details on that. >> and banning this. bay area wants to prohibit the sale of wants to prohibit the sale of all filtered cigarettes. stay to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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>> we are lacking for answers to yet another school shooting in the country. this time a seventh grader with a shotgun who some school officials convince to put the gun down but not after wound ago couple of kids. happened at middle school in roswell, new mexico. and now hauntingly familiar pictures pouring in. parents children teachers reacting to the shock of this. tl we have the story. >> the school day started with gunfire.
9:31 pm
>> we have one student or female subject possibly shot. >> police say a 12-year-old boy brought a shotgun to his school in roswell, new mexico. opening fire in the gym. 2 students a boy and girl were shot. >> student was quickly stopped by one staff member t who walked right up to him and asked him to put down the firearm. >> the lieutenant dropping off his own child came run to go help. armed state police officer entered a school and do their job. i commend the principal. people that work at the school for saving many more lives. >> police say they don't know why the seventh grade suspect began shooting. his victim a 13-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy flown to hospital in nearby lubbock, texas. she is in satisfactory condition. the boy in critical undergoing emergency surgery. >> if keep these 2 children in
9:32 pm
your prayer. shot while simply sitting in their gym waiting to go to class. >> frantic parents came racing to find and hug their terrified kids deja vu in country where school shootings no longer rar rare. this shooting happened barely a month after another shooting had a inspected colonel republican and democrat of the clare davis killed. and sense the massacre where 20 students 6 teachers murdered in connecticut but one count at least 30 more school related shotings around the country. at least 26 people dead. officials say today shooting began and ended in only 10 seconds. but the search for answers will go on much longer. clayton san del abc news denver. >> boeing has confirmed that there was another incident with battery on japan airline 787. they said mechanic briefly saw white smoke rise from the area below the cockpit but there was no sign that it burned. boeing
9:33 pm
insist the battery cell released gas but performed as designed. company is working with japan airlines to get the plane flying again. no passengers were on board but keep in mind this was a for japt year when the entire fleet of 787 had to be grounded for battery concerns. >> on the subject of battery. that sort of think tesla motor ins palo alto 0issued a recall because of potential fire hazard not battery but adab material recall doesn't involve tesla electric cars themselves but cost involve an atabb dab ter used for charging flt cars sold last year. it allows the car plugged into 240 volt reaccept tech el like the clothes dryer perhaps at home. according to tesla, defective or improperly installed plug could call it to over heat or melt to start a fire. that may have triggered a grand jury fire in southern california last year. if you have one of
9:34 pm
these adapter tesla will send awe new one. >> french president says he and his partner going through quote painful moments. he faced reporters today to press him on where valerie is still first lady. rumors surfaced last week that he's having app affair with an actress. he refused to comment saying permanent affair should be dealt with in private. both are expected in the united states next month for state visit and he promised he would clarify the situation before the trip. >> back here justin beach under fire again. this time for an egg throwing incident. today los angeles county sheriff's deputy served search warrant at the pop singer home while bieber was there. tvl brandy has the story. >> in and out of the house. >> his southern california mansion was surrounded by law enforcement serving a felony search warrant. all tied to teing vandalism incident at his neighbor house mrichlt bieber
9:35 pm
was present. he was not arrested nor exonerated at this time. >>reporter: 19-year-old singing sensation is accused of throwing eggs at the neighbor home last thursday evening. which tmz says was captured on this cell phone video. >> i see you. come right over here you bleep. >>reporter: deputy say the damage estimate roughly 20,000 dollars that make this is a felony case. >> it was done with egg which make you feel that it's a lower level crime but felony crime is a felony crime no matter how you commit it. >>reporter: lacking for surveillance video and other evidence deputy arrested another person on narcotics violation. >> he was staying in a bedroom when we came there and that's where the drug were his located in plain view. i believe it's zanex and ecstacy. >>reporter: this isn't the first time bieber has been in trouble with his neighbors. they have complained about him speeding through the community at more than 100 miles per hou hour. >> even love him he's very,
9:36 pm
very noisy fours. >>reporter: less march one neighbor accused the singer of spitting in his face and threatening his life t.deputy say justin bieber was cooperative during the search. but when they were called out to his home on other occasions deputy say he refused to speak to them this time they had a warrant. this is abc news los angeles. >> late this afternoon federal judge struck down oklahoma same sex marriage ban ruling it violates the constitution this ruling was put on hold pending appeal meaning the same sex marriages will not begin medley in oklahoma. the suit involves 2 lesbian couple suing for the detroit marry and the other wanted the california same sex marriage recognized in the state of oklahoma. the voters there approved constitutional amendment in 2004 limiting marriages to 1 man and 1 woman. >> now the judge versus the giant power of professional football. federal judge in
9:37 pm
effect said show me the money. asking the nfl to prove that they are really paying enough money to after lets who suffered brutal concussions on the field. ryan smith has the story. >> in football the hits are punishing. like this. f and this. the helmet came off at the goal line. >>reporter: several teams announcing player suffered concussion during the play off offs. is about it was found strong as sledge hammer to the head. leading to devastating consequences. including for the sports stars. such as tony dorsett and jim mcmahon but today a federal judge stepped on to the field. rejecting the 7 65 billion dollars the nfl agreeed to pay 20,000 past present future players suffering from all the hits. what is at stake? in the current deal players 7 money for various ailment from the hit including up to 5 million dollars for those diagnosed with a ls and up to
9:38 pm
3.5 million dollars for those without alzheimer's or pairng sons disease. the judge made it clear that the numbers just don't add up. stating quote i am primarily concerned that not all retired nfl football players ultimately 7 a qualifying diagnosis on the related claim apartment will be paid. >> sound like a lot of money n.reality it might not be enough to cover the players and their family. not just now but for the decade to come. >>reporter: many thought it was a bad deal from the start. nfl getting off too easy but if the deal doesn't go through the nfl faces thousands office lawsuits totalling billions of dollars. this is abc news new york. >> there is a new effort to ban cigarette butt in california. assemblyman stone introduced legislation that ban cigarette filters. stone says discared butt are littering street and washington up on beaches you have seen them no doubt. he says they are injested by
9:39 pm
children and wild life and contaminate fragile ecosystem. if passed and signed by the governor california could only purchase unfiltered cigarettes. the democrat says the bill isn't an attempt to stop people from smoking. >> coming up next. bay area woman who is lacking forward to the nfc championship on sunday. tu can understand why she's getting a little l grieve hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you.
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9:43 pm
now has about 800 signatures. >> i have people other fans from other nfl teams saying you know what my team isn't even in it this is ridiculous. they need to step in. why is there allowed discrimination practice with the nfl times. denver banned fans in new england from buying tickets to the afc championship game even though it won't help him get a seat for sunday game in seattle he hopes protest will force the nfl to change its rules. >> fits not easy being a seattle seahawks fan living in san francisco this week. if you don't believe me just ask many vickie. she got this seahawks shirt for christmas and says she's going to keep wearing it until her team makes it to the superbowl. and that's made vickie a target everywhere she goes. >> go into starbucks and people say you just ruined my morning. bus driver almost didn't let me on. he looked at me for like 5 seconds and really thought about opening that door and then when he did open the door he said i don't know if i
9:44 pm
should have let you on. it's all about the jersey. >>reporter: st well celebrating like this on sunday probably will not make life any easier for vickie. she predicts a seattle victory by 3 points. she seems like a very nice person. just wrong. >> we continue to solicit frai frainer fan photo showing a couple of ladies kaerp nicking. according to the top they are wearing they are all gold hearted as you can see. tattoo man in the kaepernicking pose. the pictures are just grit. e-mail them to us at you report at this site. tweet them to us at this the address. post them to our facebook page. >> 49ers fans l we have we need your help. we really want to win the ballots of the bay. we have a competition going on with the abc station in seattle to see who has the best fans. seattle emerald bay or san francisco bay? we know it's us right but we
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need to prove it. all you need to do is go to the 7 news facebook page and like this post. the seattle think that is they are going to beat us. but we plan to clobber them on the field and on facebook. all in good fun but help us out. whoever has the most like by connect off on sunday wins so let's show the seahawks fans that nobody has it better than us as jim harbaugh would say. >> help us out. check out facebook page. coming up next at 9:00. bay area history
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>> temperature litigation has begun on historic building in danville. the danville hotel wild west used to have retail space and replaced with new restaurant homes and they plan to restore the hotel building and the house which is quite nice if you have ever been there. >> one last check on the weather also quite nice but we need something very different. spencer is here with the forecast. >> doesn't look like anything different coming our way for awhile. here's live doppler 7hd dry. mild. getting breezy in the hills. red flag warning for high fire danger in our higher elevation. tomorrow state wide. sunny mild conditions. look for high of 76 in monterey new record high for tomorrow date in monterey. bay area may set more record high tomorrow as well. 73 predict in napa with new record high for tomorrow date there and 78 santa cudz likewise record high for tomorrow date. focus on seattle big title game
9:50 pm
takes place on sunday. niners and the seahawks kick off time 3:30 p.m. pacific time. it will be about 48 degrees. partly cloudy about 20 percent chance of showers. about 100 percent chance of furious pass rush and trash talking in the secondary. hears accu-weather 7 day forecast. temperatures in the 70's. right that the weekend. no change pattern. it's warm. dry. and hard fought game on sunday. >> i lake the way you think. thanks very much. so does mike who is wracking his brain for something to talk about in sports. >> waste of talent. you should have been a sportscaster. >> we switch some day. >> 49ers heading north. the noise at the field with seahawks for sunday title game. loudest stadium in the history of the
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
against flames burning on the island in the delta. >> and just 15 years old and already living her dream. meeting south bay girl who is going for the gold and the winter olympics. it's an exciting time. join us for those stories and more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> the past pass and mike is in for larry with all the sports and getting closer. >> tired of the hype yet? tl by the end of the week both niners and seahawks tired of talking about each other. so ready to put on the padres and play the actual game. trending today in the fraiper locker room was the noise level at seattle eventually link field you can't hear the call in the huddle. hand signal is the alternative. i have never played or covered a game with this level of noise frainers not worried about it. they know what to expect. >> this isn't the only stadium
9:55 pm
where silent communication takes place. just the most extreme one so i think we can use our experience in the past where you have had to do this to benefit us. this sunday. >> different animal up there. different crowd noise and crowd level. so like i said we have experienced that. not our first rodeo up there. know what to expect and prepare for that. vl be ready for that and have a great week of practice. >> all right across the bay raiders resigned defensive coordinator jason to new contract to remain with the of defense. he joined the team back in 2012. reynolds join guard and miss establish ford final year and enter the draft. fills considered a top 3 prospect at his position. to the ice. shark on 3 game road trip starting in dc battle second police team in their respective division. they
9:56 pm
throw hay makers after fears period physician off. making for bloody mess on the ice. brown need new jerseyy penalty box shark drew first blood. kennedy on deflexion. gets it by philip. first goal in 19 games sharks go up 1 nothing. sec period. of 33rd score of the son. top shelf. 1-1 gym after 2. into o t and somewhat out. marlo patience sneak it by bower. 35 save on the game. sten the somewhat out. shark open with a shoot out win in florida on thursday. australia open. before the any without fit of the day trying to distract marie a.didn't work. 2 on in the second. serve out widely to the back hand down the line. now to match point. return of the fans here. goes long. maria out of the first round safely with a straight set victory. same can't be
9:57 pm
satisfied for aussie favorite hewitt facing andrea. major title. 5 off the set. find the net. the brick and close-out. forehand winner on match point. the nadal and murray moving on for the machine. 5 time aussie champion serena williams back on the court for second round match. forehand winner right there. no problem with f this game. match point. another big serve and fore happened happened withiner. serena on to the third round with a victory. after road trip followed by home win over boston the war yos get a 4 day break. didn't practice saturday or sunday back on court today and check out curry. good from 80 feet. said he could shoot. should be rejuvenated to play denver tomorrow at oracle. another look. if he's unreal i love this guy. last time nugget in oakland may 2nd of last year
9:58 pm
golden state ousted them in game 6 of the first round. andrea nugget back thechbility happy to be a warrior new and even more happy with current team 4 day off between games. >> that's the schedule can hit you. we were at a point in time where the game was just stacked t.that's when injuries horsepower so we are blessed to not have any to come up with so many games. >> financially tonight. if basketball the rim never lies. high school hoop spencer washington tied at 65. grandview steal the lay and the whip. ball comes to rest on the back of the rim. you couldn't do that if you tried into over tie. tl justice grand view won it in o t 72-70. this is 7 sports report brought to you by toyot toyota. >> i have seen it get wedged between the rim and backboard but never -- quickly about the seattle seahawks stadium. i have been there for a concert
9:59 pm
never a game. it's loud to the offense but doesn't it also effect the defense can't shout as easily in the noise e.communication period but defense more reactionary. offense is one that has to dictate. but think about it. hendrix. could bain. nirvana known for loud music. loud football. just a loud place. >> all right be fun. have a good time up there. >> don't forget to like us on facebook. >> we have to beat the abc station in seattle. >> don't hang our head in shame on. that help us out here. >> for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always. see you your time as always. see you in an hour on the big before 7. - look, 12:00.
10:00 pm
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